Parkour-Ninja Classes  

San Diego Gymnastics offers the best parkour-ninja classes for all levels!

GymNinja (Ages 4-6)

Our littlest parkour athletes start out in our Gym Ninja class! This 50 min class is custom tailored to ensure our athletes are safe, have fun, and build their basics for parkour! Gym Ninjas are introduced to the basic movements of parkour along with all of the skills required to train safely and effectively.

Beginner Parkour (Ages 6+)

We recommend all inspiring parkour athletes to start with our beginner class. Athletes will learn the most basic parkour skills that will challenge strength, determination, and agility all while ensuring safety and fun. This class will grow a child’s confidence that will help excel in not only parkour, but all other sports.

Intermediate Parkour (Ages 6+) invite only

Our Intermediate Parkour athletes are 6+ and have mastered the beginner parkour requirements and is ready for the next step in developing their Parkour skills! This class is an invite-only class with an hour of jam-packed fitness, strength, jumping, flipping, and parkour progressions. Our intermediate athletes have mastered the parkour basics and are ready to start progressing their skills.

Advanced Parkour and Tricking (Ages 8+) invite only

Our advanced parkour athletes are 8+ and have excelled through the Intermediate parkour class and exhibit the strength and technical skills required for advanced parkour skills. This class is 90min of high-intensity strength & conditioning, plyometrics, flipping, parkour skills, and the introduction of Tricking. This is an invite-only class for our most advanced parkour athletes.